Tragic: Fire in Buenos Aires Kills 5 From One Frum Jewish Family

Last Updated: 11:38am

ARGENTINA (VINnews) – A major fire in a residential building has shaken the center of Buenos Aires Jewish community this Thursday morning .

Tragically, at least five people three minors and two women from the same frum family have died, and 19 are hospitalized.

A large emergency operation works from six in the morning (local time) in Recoleta. The south of the Recoleta neighborhood, adjacent to the Once area, is home to one of the most prestigious Jewish communities in Argentina.

The victims have been identified by Israeli news sites, as members of the Habaz family, who have 11 children.

The father of the family was seriously injured, and the mother perished in the fire.

The deceased are: mother Sophia Kivudi Habaz 49 years old, daughter Camila 16 years old, Esther 9 years old, Orly 8 years old, and Rafi 4 years old. In fair condition, David was released from the hospital.

The fire, which broke out on the seventh floor of a building, is now under control.

According to Kikar H’Shabbat, a witness said that a heater apparently exploded, causing the fire.

An additional tragic detail in this horrific story, the father reportedly tried to rescue his family members, several of whom perished, but he was overcome by smoke and is now in very serious condition.

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