Employee Mistakenly Gets Paid 330X his Monthly Salary, then Resigns and Disappears


CHILE (VINnews) — An employee got a massive bonus from his work…albeit by mistake. Now that man has vanished, along with the cash.

The worker at a company in Chile which makes cold cuts usually receives a monthly salary of about 500,000 pesos (around $555) deposited into his account. On May 30, somebody at HR messed up, and sent him a deposit of around $165 million pesos (about $183,593).


The employee reported the overpayment to his boss, and the company told him to go to his bank and instruct them to return the money. He promised to go to the bank the following day, and he did just that.

However he never returned the money, nor did he return to work. The company was informed through the man’s attorney that he decided to resign. (Hmmm, why would he do that?)

Now the company has gotten the authorities involved, however nobody has heard from the worker since he disappeared. It is not clear if the person responsible for the error has been reprimanded or fired.

The average salary in Chile is about $1,000 per month.

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