Israeli Social Activist: Police Conduct On Moishy Kleinerman ‘Huge Disgrace To Israeli Society’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Tal Gilboa is an animal liberation and vegan activist who served as an advisor to former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu on animal rights issues. Gilboa is a Likud member, an outspoken person who is never afraid to speak out on issues which she champions. In a moving post, Gilboa described how she was exposed to the story of Moishy Kleinerman, the missing 16-year-old from Modiin Illit.

“It began with a text from Ariel Elharar [the journalist who aroused public interest to Moishy’s disappearance]. I saw a kid in the picture, hardly 16, with long peyos and a headline which for me was unimaginable: Moishy Kleinerman is missing for 76 days. Initially I thought that maybe something had happened and I missed it, but a kid disappearing? How can one miss a kid disappearing?

I searched for information about the case and the the gut-wrenching truth hit me- there was hardly any information or media. How could this be? We travelled to the family in Modiin Illit with a clear goal, that no person in Israel should be unaware, should ignore the fact that a child is missing! And Israel is silent!

The meeting with Gitty and Shmuel was excruciatingly hard. What does one say to parents who are screaming: “Where is Moishy?” I touched his bed, his clothes, his books and felt that as a mother my strength was leaving me. If this were my daughter? Do we just leave the family to manage on their own?

Nobody, none of the senior police officers can persuade me that this case began badly with a chareidi boy who tended to go off alone (he didn’t) and will surely return. Anyone who perceived the family dynamics, the dynamics of a chareidi family would realize that all the conduct here was wrong. In cases of disappearance there is no time for mistaken theories which waste precious time.

There is a real crisis of confidence between police and chareidi society, and I can truly understand this. We will try to fix and change this and surely everyone will benefit from it.

I pray daily that we succeed in returning Moishy to his parents but it is important that there won’t be another Moishy as this is a huge disgrace to Israeli society and to the Jewish people.


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1 year ago

Zionist police are as corrupt as Zimbabwean police