Tehillim Needed for Dr. Zev Zelenko Who Has Been Placed in ICU


Dr. Zev Zelenko, who has been battling multiple severe health issues, has been placed in the Intensive Care Unit and is in critical condition.

In late May, Dr. Zelenko posted an update about his health on social media. Sadly, a tumor has been discovered in his right ventricle, the lower right chamber of the heart. A blood clot was sitting on top of the tumor, which can be extremely dangerous.

Dr. Zelenko said, “To be frank, if the clot breaks off, that is a ticket to the next world.”

In addition, other tumors were present around the lower left lobe of his lung.

Despite the grim diagnosis and dire circumstances, Dr. Zelenko said that he was in “a very good state of mind.”

He said, “As King David writes [in Tehillim], ‘Even as I walk through the Valley of Death I shall fear no evil. In addition, there is a Talmudic teaching: ‘Even if the sword is on your neck a person should never give up hope [from Hashem’s mercy].’”

Dr. Zelenko became well-known during the Covid pandemic, when he used the “Zelenko cocktail” to reportedly help hundreds of patients.

Please daven and say Tehillim for Velvel Wolf Zev ben Leah.

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