Yated Neeman Blasts Belz For Causing ‘Serious Harm To Jewish Education’ Over Govt. Funding Scheme


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In the wake of the recent agreements reached between Belz chasidim and the Israeli ministry of education, Education Minister Shasha-Biton and Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman, the schools and cheders of Belz which maintain higher standards of secular studies will receive special funding. However the controversial agreement has been sharply criticized by the Yated Neeman newspaper, reflecting a split in ideological approaches between the Lithuanians and the chasidic group.

Under the headline “Huge concern due to blunt interfence and serious harm to chareidi education”, the newspaper claims that this is a generic plot using economic incentives to pierce at the heart of loyal Jews, all in order that Talmudei Torah and rebbes should change their goals and their essential character.

Yated also claims that the agreement signed by Belz will compel teachers in chareidi education to undergo external pedagogic instruction by the “heretical” education ministry.

Recently Belz representatives explained that their goal is to set up a separate stream since the Chinuch Atzmai refused to accept them in its system.

Belz MK Eichler said in an interview with Kol Chai’s Betzalel Kahn that “whatever the public knows about this program are lies spread by those who are not Belz chasidim, who seek to conscript chareidim to the IDF and who are part of those seeking to destroy the chareidi public from within. All the reports in the media are lies and fabrications.

Eichler added that “they accused us of making a state chareidi system but this is not the case. Up until now there was discrimination between those who were not members of Chinuch Atzmai or Maayan Chinuch Torani and the Belz teaching staff received 50% of what the Chinuch Atzmai is paying.”

Eichler denied that the Education Ministry would supervise new educational content, claiming that the new program would not be supervised by the education ministry but rather by an external supervisor.

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