Reform Violate Israeli Law At Southern Western Wall After ‘Shocking’ Kabalat Shabbat


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The reform movement has made numerous efforts to gain a footing at the Western Wall, including the provocative prayer services conducted by the Women of the Wall every Rosh Chodesh in the women’s section in violation of the law regarding the sanctity of the site. Currently the reform and conservative movements are trying to take control of the Southern Western Wall site, known as Ezrat Yisrael. Despite the fact that on numerous days the place is deserted and there is no initiative to conduct daily prayer there, the reform movements insist on conducting egalitarian prayers at the site.

It should be noted that the Kotel arrangement which would have given the reform and conservative movements authorization to pray at the site was never ratified by the Israeli government and therefore the site was never designated for egalitarian prayer. Yet the reform movement has illegally decided that it can conduct prayers there and even far more radical performances involving female singing and dancing in an inappropriate manner.

Last week the egalitarian movements held a Kabbalat Shabbat at the Southern Western Wall. Even though the service was prior to Shabbat and did not involve direct desecration of Shabbat, it included a female chazan as well as female singers. The chareidim were particularly appalled by the mixed dancing and atmosphere of revelry which do not conform with the sanctity of the Western Wall

Thus when Rosh Chodesh came and the reform elements were once again determined to conduct prayers at the site, chareidi and religious Zionist students came to protest the illegal move.





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