Gitty Kleinerman Sharply Criticizes Israeli Police: ‘After 99 Days They Have No Clue’ (VIDEO)


MODIIN ILLIT (VINnews) The mother of Moishe Kleinerman sharply criticized Israeli police for dragging their feet and being unable to make significant progress in the months-old case.

At a press conference in her home on Sunday, Gitti Kleinerman pointed out that her son has been missing for 99 days, yet the police do not seem to have any real leads.

“I can’t believe that I’m sitting here in my home 99 days after my son Moishe went missing, and they aren’t telling me where he is. We don’t even have any leads.”

Gitti suggested that the police did not appear to be taking the case seriously.

“Today, after 99 says, for the first time, senior district police commanders came to visit us, but unfortunately we still are in a situation where we have nothing, just nothing.”

She added, “They have no clue, just nothing. Is this [really] the Israeli police? I cannot believe that the police did everything. I urge them to unite all their forces.”

Senior police officials, including Judea and Samaria district commander Uzi Levy, visited with the family to update them on police progress in the case.

Please continue to daven for Avraham Moshe ben Gittel.


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