Two Chasidim Lightly Injured As Secularist With Knife Threatens to Stab Dushinsky Rebbe (VIDEO)


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A secular resident of the Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood in Jerusalem attempted a number of times on Shabbos to attack the Dushinsky Rebbe. Brandishing a knife, the resident entered the Dushinsky Beis Midrash on Shmuel Hanavi street with his dog and threatened to stab the rabbi.

According to chasidim present at the Beis Midrash, the man arrived on Friday evening at the Beis Midrash and claimed that some of the chasidim had hit his children. The man took out a knife and threatened to use it against the Rebbe but the chasidim succeeded in overcoming him and threw him out.

On Shabbos afternoon, when the Rebbe went to visit another local rabbi who is suffering from health issues, the man returned and ran after the entourage of the Rebbe, shouting “Where’s the rebbe? Where’s the rebbe.” On this occasion too the chasidim managed to push him away before he could do any damage.

Chasidim pursuing the attacker after Shabbos, 2 lightly injured

However the man returned during Seudah Shlishis and once again tried to enter the rebbe’s house and during Maariv he also attempted to enter and was rebuffed once again. The man attacked the chasidim with a knife and two chasidim were lightly injured in the scuffle. Police arrested the attacker and took testimony from the chasidim on his actions.


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