Person Of Interest In July Fourth Parade Shooting Arrested


HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. (VINnews) — Police have arrested a 22-year-old “person of interest” in July Fourth parade shooting who they described as “armed and dangerous.”

Officials identified the person-of-interest is 22-year-old Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, and previously reported that he was driving a 2010 silver Honda Fit.

Crimo was taken into custody on Monday evening after a brief chase.

Chief Lou Jogmen of the Highland Park Police said that Crimo was caught after a North Chicago police unit noticed him in his car. When the police attempted to apprehend him, Crimo fled, leading officers on a brief chase, before they were able to stop him and place him under arrest, Jogmen said.

Crimo was being transported to the Highland Park Police Department following his arrest.

Crimo III, also known as Awake The Rapper, has the number 7 tattooed near his right eye. The number 47 is controversial, as it has been used in the past by groups to symbalize the Nazi swastika.

A little over 8 months ago Crimo III uploaded a video to YouTube, in which he describes some impending event he feels himself drawn to, and questions whether or not he has free will. In the background, there are flashing images, including a cartoon drawing of a shooter and shooting victim.

The YouTube channel has since been terminated.

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