Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: Six Year Old in Car Crash Died “Al Kiddush Hashem”


ISRAEL (VINnews) — Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu said that 6 year old Matan Zimnan’s death was undoubtedly considered perishing “Al Kiddush Hashem”. In addition, the Chief Rabbi of Tzfas said that whether it was an act of terrorism or not, the Arabs who murdered Matan were “intending to attack Hashem” through harming Jews.

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Rabbi Eliyahu was asked on Facebook whether the young boy’s tragic death, resulting from a car crash with Arabs, is considered a death that sanctifies Hashem’s glory.

He responded: “According to the mother, this was an terror attack which aimed to murder Jews. Certainly, he is considered one who died sanctifying Hashem’s Name.”

Rabbi Eliyahu continued, “What does it matter which way they killed him? The main thing is that they intend to harm Hashem, by harming Am Yisrael. And therefore the State of Israel must take revenge on them – the harshest revenge. ‘Hashem is a G-d of vengeance’ (Tehillim 94:1).”

He concluded, “May it be the will of He who said, ‘Enough!’ to the world, that He should say, ‘Enough!’ to our sorrows.”

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