Terrorist Indicted For Attacking Chareidi Jew With Concrete Tile Near Bnei Brak

Photograph: Flash 90

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — An indictment was issued in the Tel Aviv District Court against Ahmed Rashdan, a 33-year-old Palestinian, for attempted murder and grievous bodily harm. Rashdan attempted to murder a Jew, Yitzchak Dahan, on the bridge between Bnei Brak and Givat Shmuel a few weeks ago. Dahan, who was on his way to Shacharis, was injured and hospitalized and is now recovering.

The indictment, issued by attorney Noa Bar states that Rashdan decided to murder a Jewish person for nationalistic-ideological motives and in order to cause fear and panic to the public. During the days prior to the attack the terrorist arrived in the early morning hours at the site to plan where to implement his murderous initiative.

On 7.5.22, the terrorist arrived at the location, took a concrete floor tile and placed it in a bag he held in his hand. Seeing Dahan walking down the bridge, he assumed that he was of Jewish origin and, seconds after he passed him, attacked him with the floor tile.

Dahan fell over and began bleeding. The terrorist threw away the tile and began running away. Dahan suffered two fractures in his skull, intracranial bleeding and an impairment in his hearing.

Rashdan left a suicide note in which he wrote to his family that he must live or die while hating Jews and he has answered the call to jihad, hoping to be accepted by Allah.

The prosecution has requested remand until the end of legal proceedings due to the severity of the crimes involved.

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