WATCH: Netflix Co-founder Wears Tefillin, Dances With Two Chabad Brothers (VIDEO AND PICTURES)


CALIFORNIA (VINnews) — Two brothers who belong to the Chabad community had the z’chus of putting Tefillin on the co-founder of Netflix. In addition, they danced and celebrated the occasion.

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Mark Randolph, co-founder of the renowned streaming company, interviewed Yossi and Levi Chayo on his podcast. While they were in studio, they inspired him to wear Tefillin and rejoice.

The two brothers are young entrepreneurs who own the hat shop ‘Bellissimo’ in Crown Heights. They have developed a special line of fedoras made of rabbit fur felt.

According to the COLlive website, they traveled to California to be a guest on Randolph’s “It Will Never Work” podcast, designed to encourage entrepreneurs to launch small businesses and grow them.

When the Chayo brothers entered the studio, they suggested Mark put on tefillin. He enthusiastically agreed, and said that this was the first time he had ever worn them. He recited the brachos as well as Krias Shma.

He was so inspired, he broke into a Chasidic dance with the brothers and sang Siman Tov Umazal Tov. He viewed the occasion as a celebration of his bar mitzvah.


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