After Israel Eliminates Islamic Jihad Leadership, Nobody Left To Negotiate Ceasefire


JERUSALEM (VINnews)— Two days into the Amud Hashachar (Dawn) military campaign, Israel has achieved all of its objectives, eliminating the two most prominent leaders of Islamic Jihad as well as a number of middle-level commanders. However, due to the current lack of leaders in the terrorist organization, there is nobody who can negotiate the ceasefire with Israel, which now wishes to finish the campaign without any interference from Gazan ruling party Hamas.

The campaign, which began Friday afternoon with the elimination of Thaysir Al-Ja’abri has led to 900 rockets being shot into Israel, some of which were targeting strategic areas in the center of the country. However the lack of precision coupled with the Iron Dome defense interception system, which has a 96% success rate in intercepting rockets, meant that there have not been casualties or major damage. Moreover an attempt by Islamic Jihad to blame Israel for children killed was disproved by Israel, which demonstrated that they were killed by a stray rocket which fell within Gaza.

IDF shows how it aborted three attacks on Khaled Mansour due to children being nearby before the successful attack which eliminated him

During this period, Israel has attacked hundreds of targets including Islamic Jihad infrastructure, weapons bases and factories and a number of rocket and mortar installations. Tens of terrorists have been eliminated, including Khaled Mansour, the southern Gaza commander who was responsible for terror operations against Israeli soldiers during the past 20 years. The organization has been severely crippled, although sporadic rocket fire continues towards Israel.

An additional bonus has been the lack of international focus on Gaza, since world attention is still mainly drawn to Ukraine. Israel hopes to press home the diplomatic advantage of its military gains and achieve a ceasefire without requiring concessions to Islamic Jihad, which demands the release of its Samaria leader Bassem A-Saadi as well as other prisoners. Currently the organization’s lower levels are fighting independently. A tentative ceasefire has been called for 11:30 PM (4:30 US time) via Egyptian mediators but it is unclear if this will be upheld by the terror organization’s remaining operatives.




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