Ron DeSantis Bravely Fired a Woke Prosecutor. It’s Time for Hochul to Follow his Example.

FILE - New York Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul gives a news conference at the state Capitol on Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021, in Albany, N.Y. Taking over on short notice for a scandal-plagued predecessor in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Hochul began her tenure as New York governor Tuesday, Aug. 24 with more than enough challenges for a new administration. She also began with a historic opportunity: Hochul is the first woman to hold one of the most prominent governorships in the U.S. (AP Photo/Hans Pennink, File)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — We strongly support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for having the courage to suspend radical State Attorney Andrew Warren.

“Woke” Warren, backed by leftist George Soros, allowed dangerous criminals to roam free. He decided that he was above the law, and selectively chose which rules to uphold and which to ignore.

Contrast that to Governor Kathy Hochul, who has spinelessly allowed woke Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to give criminals free reign over New York City.

Crime statistics, which were already surging, have shot up in the past seven months since Bragg took office. Criminals know they have autonomy, and the government is on their side. Even Mayor Eric Adams said that illegal migrants, who are used to living in fear, are afraid to come to New York because it’s too dangerous. Shocking.

Governor Hochul should take a page out of the DeSantis playbook and have the courage to do what is right.

Every day in New York, murders, shootings, beatings, shopliftings, antisemitic hate crimes, and other attacks take place. It feels like the Wild West, except that the good guys cannot carry weapons.

Yet the governor refuses to fire Bragg or reform the insane no-cash-bail law which allows thousands of repeat criminals to walk free (including the man who attacked Lee Zeldin with a blade, until he was arrested on federal charges).

She panders to the radical left, at the expense of law-abiding citizens.

If elected, Republican Lee Zeldin has pledged to fire Bragg as soon as he takes office. Let’s hope he gets the chance.

DeSantis has made other “controversial” moves to keep Floridians safe. Unlike Hochul who wants to keep criminals safe.

In addition, it should be noted that media reports of the DeSantis suspension of Warren were filled with fake news. Multiple media outlets claimed that the suspension was over Warren’s refusal to crack down on illegal abortions.

That is false. Had they watched the DeSantis press conference, they would have seen that every speaker focused on the state attorney’s refusal to enforce crime laws and insistence on releasing dangerous criminals. Abortion was hardly mentioned.

DeSantis and his colleagues cited multiple accounts of criminals who should be locked up but were allowed to roam free, thanks to the woke prosecutor. .

The vicious left-wing media overlooked that “minor” detail, because it does not support their narrative, painting DeSantis as a radical pro-life conservative who despises women’s rights.

The bottom line is this. Hochul is the only one with the power to do the right thing and fire Bragg. Now that DeSantis has stepped up, the question is stronger than ever.

Governor Hochul, how do you justify the blood on your hands? How do you sleep at night, knowing that innocent women and children are being shot, each week, thanks to your woke policies?


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