Sick End Of Year Play By Jerusalem Arabs Dramatizes Execution Of Itamar Ben-Gvir


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — While Israel’s justice system has focused its attention on the trial of former prime minister Netanyahu, accused of various white collar crimes, it largely ignores the continuous murderous incitement which takes place in the Arab sector. This incitement is the fundamental cause of all the terrorist activity in Judea, Samaria and even the Israeli Arab sector. It is fueled by Facebook and Instagram sites, which were the catalyst for the 2021 attacks on Jews in Israel, but is also rampantly common in the education system.

Despite Israeli attempts to monitor content in Arab schools via the Ministry of Education, many schools even in Jerusalem and surrounding villages teach a Palestinian curriculum which demonizes Israel and encourages terror activity against it. In a perverse example of such incitement to murder and demonization of Israelis which took place at an end of year play in the Jerusalem Arab suburb of Anata, the play ends with the “execution” of Itamar Ben-Gvir amid loud applause and waving of Palestinian flags.

Despite the murderous nature of the play, police have yet to take action against those who inculcate such incitement within the educational system. Is it any surprise that Jerusalem Arab youths, brought up on a diet of hatred and violence, are so radicalized and prone to terror attacks on Jews?

The Education Ministry responded by stating that “the school is under the full responsibility of the Palestinian Authority and the ministry has no association with it. The ministry expressed its concern that the school is raising children on incitement, hatred and terror instead of giving them a proper education. The ministry will transfer the content to the relevant security authorities.”



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1 year ago

Sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s and friends…

Alta Bubby
Alta Bubby
1 year ago

What did u expect?
The only difference is is
Those poor palis
Boo hu hu
If a Jew did against Muslims
Oy you yoy

1 year ago

Arabs believe in terror and supporting terror is widely acceptable in the Palestinian world. Maybe Meir Kahane was right?

1 year ago

That the Arabs are seeking to kill Jews on a daily basis we know about. They are bloody murderers.

Having said, Ben-Gvir is another Meir Kahana who is on a mission to incite and to do anything and everything to anger already angry bloodthirsty Arabs. He doesn’t care if Jews were to be C’v killed because of his irresponsible actions.

His twisted right wing nationalistic views is Uber Alam.Is is more important to him than Jewish lives.