Williamsburg Landlord Facing Huge Fines Over Illegal Rooftop Swimming Pool


BROOKLYN (VINnews) — The owners of a building in Williamsburg may be facing a hefty fine, over a massive swimming pool discovered on its roof.

A full-sized swimming pool was installed on the roof of the commercial building. The gleaming 480-square-foot above-ground pool, which apparently was used regularly this past summer, was drained this week, according to the Department of Buildings.

“New York. We know. It’s hot. We get it,” the DOB tweeted. “But please don’t try to build a rooftop swimming pool without first getting permits and hiring professionals to do the job properly.”

The three-story brick facility is on Flushing Avenue near Thornton Street. It remains a mystery whether the building’s landlord or occupants installed or used the pool.

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