Chareidi Outpost ‘Derech Emuna’ Evacuated By Border Police


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Tens of Border Police arrived at 5 AM at the chareidi outpost of Derech Emuna, established four days ago by 15 chareidi families near the village of Meitzad. The police evacuated the outpost without significant opposition by its occupants and destroyed the homes.

11 temporary dwellings had been erected by the families at the outpost, who were helped by hundreds of yeshiva students. The families came from Bnei Brak, Jerusalem, Elad and other chareidi cities.

A spokesperson for the new outpost said that “The Gantz-Lapid- Muslim Brotherhood government decided unfortunately to eradicate the settlement which will maintain Jewish territorial contiguity in Gush Etzion. We awoke this morning to harsh violence during the brutal and shocking evacuation of the inhabitants. We did not show any violence but despite this the security forces acted violently towards us. We are continuing on full strength and will announce our next steps later today.”

Evacuation of Derech Emuna

The coordinator of the new community, Moshe David, said that “The settlement Derech Emunah was established on Sunday at midnight by Charedi families and yeshiva boys who volunteered to connect the members of the haredi community to the Land of Israel and as a protest against the apartheid policy that is carried out everywhere against Jews regarding the construction in the Jewish state. Baruch Hashem, there is a broad response from the Charedi public which surprised all the activists: apparently the issue of settling the land was burning in the public under the surface and we were just the trigger.”


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