Yair Golan: ‘Why Should IDF Soldiers Secure Chareidim Who Didn’t Serve In IDF, Endanger Their Lives?’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In a desperate attempt to gain votes in the battle for the leadership of the Meretz party, MK Yair Golan has once again lambasted the chareidi community, asking why IDF soldiers should defend worshipers praying at Yosef’s tomb if those worshipers do not serve in the IDF.

“What is going on at Yosef’s tomb is lunacy,” Golan said in a Thursday media interview. “I was there lots of times, its ridiculous. Just to think that IDF soldiers could be killed while securing groups of chareidim who do not even serve in the army.”

Golan was referring to the terrorist attack which occurred when a large group of worshipers arrived at Yosef’s tomb for the monthly visit to the holy site.

On Twitter, Golan also attacked the heads of the Religious Zionist party, claiming that “they did not endanger their lives in IDF service but are happy to endanger our children in the name of a messianic vision which is not accepted by a majority of Israelis. It’s time to tell the truth.”

Golan’s credo is untenable- does he believe Israeli Arabs should not be defended because they don’t serve in the IDF? What about those ineligible to serve because of health issues? Why is religion less important than health? However the biggest falsehood is the claim that chareidim do not serve. Thousands of chareidim do army service every year, many in combat units. The following picture was taken in the last week, showing chareidi recruits.



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