THE DEFINITIVE RAP: Is Criticism Against Israel and Zionism Antisemitic? Interview With Rabbi Uri Pi


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Everyone always has an opinion, and when people state what they think, it commonly also comes with their criticism. When Americans and even those who live in Israel strongly communicate to others about various issues pertaining to Israel, the passion with which people express themselves are quite powerful and with much distinction.

Those who criticize the policies are oftentimes accused of being antisemitic. So, the question is where is the line drawn between complaining about an issue, to actual antisemitism. Is criticism against Israel and Zionism antisemitic? Baila Sebrow from The Definitive Rap Podcast sat down with Rabbi Uri Pilichowski, to discuss the difference between accusations against Israel and criticism of Israeli policy and antisemitism.

Rabbi Pilichowski talked about the U.S. opinion of Israel and what most Americans say about Israel, as well as the Visa Waiver Program, and why it’s considered a Zionist victory.


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