70 Jewish Families Don’t Have a Mikvah Yet


Your chance to help 70 families have their own Mikvah, in the outskirts of Crown Heights * Only $70,000 to complete the Mikvah

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Crown Heights is expanding in all directions, with about 70 families settling south of Crown Heights, between Utica and New York, Snyder and Clarkson.


For those families, the closest Mikvah on Friday nights and Yom Tov is a 20-35 minute walk, which must pass two homeless shelters on Albany Avenue. This Tishrei season with all Yomim Tovim midweek, a woman who needs the Mikvah has a 30% chance of having to walk instead of driving.

A few brave locals have taken upon themselves to build a Mikvah, and with the financial help of local families and Crown Heights donors, the Mikvah was mostly built, but your help is needed to complete it.


The Mikvah was built under the supervision and instructions of the world renowned Rabbi Yirmiyahu Katz of Boro Park and inspected by Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun – Beis Din of Crown Heights, and Rabbi Sholom Shuchat – Beis Din Agudas Harabonim (who lives close to the Mikvah).

Watch the video below to see the progress of the Mikvah, and hear Rabbis Braun and Shuchat alongside local residents encouraging the completion of this Mikvah:

Donate today and help 70 Anash families have a Mikvah of their own:

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