MK Ram Ben-Barak: ‘Soon Female Television Anchors Will Be Forced To Wear Head Covering’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Ram Ben-Barak, a Yesh Atid MK who serves as the chairman of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, lashed out at the religious Zionist party, terming it a “dangerous and anti-democratic” party. In a radio interview Monday, Ben-Barak said that the party wants ‘halachic principles to take a more important role in our lives, which means that soon television anchors will wear head covering and women won’t be able to serve in the army”

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Ben-Barak called Itamar Ben-Gvir a “provocateur” and also criticized Noams’ Avi Maoz, stating that “LGBTQ will need to stay in the wardrobe. They won’t be eligible for any employment as they are deemed animals. I am very concerned about their rise in the polls.”

Religious Zionism leader Betzalel Smotrich responded, stating that “I expect Yair Lapid to condemn the harsh words of the member of his party Ben-Barak, who defamed the religious Zionist public as well as the members of the media and television presenters who proudly wear a head covering. There is a limit to incitement.”

Channel 14 presenter Tal Meir, a religious woman, also countered Ben-Barak, stating that “it is apparent that your fear, your biggest and deepest concern is a presenter who wears a head covering and sits in a television studio. Apparently you are not updated that your nightmare has already happened. This threat is sitting right opposite you, on the television screen. It seems that in the past you didn’t encounter head covering, maybe religious women were not seen in the village of Nahalal where you grew up.

“It’s amazing to thing that during your long security career you were not exposed to one female with head covering. Let me update you that your nightmare isn’t only on the television screen, its on the heads of lawyers, social workers, doctors, nurses, security personnel and -heaven forfend – educators.

Tal Meir

“Head covering is an integral aspect of each of us, a significant part of our identity and we do not intend to receive directives from you about our code of dress and where we can work. The revolution happened, MK Ben-Barak, and you missed the train.”

Ben-Barak responded that he had no problem with those who voluntarily wear head covering but felt that they might be forced into it by the next government.



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