Eda Charedis Declares Opposition To Light Rail Line Route Underneath Meah Shearim


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The Beis Din Of the Jerusalem Eda Charedis has called on its constituents to express their opposition to the Blue light rail line’s proposed route, set to cut through Jerusalem from Ramot in the north to Gilo in the south.

After demonstrating their violent opposition to the Green line which will traverse Bar Ilan street as it connects between the two Hebrew University campuses at Har Hatzofim and Givat Ram, the Eda is now concerned about the new line which will pass under Kikar Shabbat and the adjacent chareidi neighborhoods. Two subterranean train stations are planned for Rechov Tzefania and Rehov Blilius, but the Eda is concerned that this could lead to immodesty, although they are willing to have one station in the neighborhood.

The Beis Din issued a proclamation requesting that local residents sign a manifesto opposing the building of two train stations in the neighborhood as this could adversely affect the religious atmosphere of the neighborhood.


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