The Ultimate Zechus of Teshuva, Tefilla, and Tzedakah – All in One!


While it may sound unbelievable, there are children in Eretz Yisroel who do not even know Shema Yisroel!

Many children in Eretz Yisroel are not exposed to even basic tefillos or Torah concepts. The government embraces a secular approach inconsistent with Torah values. This is where Shuvu comes in. 

Over the years, Shuvu has connected over 30,000 Jews to Yiddishkeit!

But Shuvu needs your help. A special Aseres Y’mei Teshuva campaign has launched in which every dollar you give will be doubled by generous donors at now through September 29th. 

With 6,000 children currently learning in Shuvu, including 900+ new students and Ukrainian refugees, Shuvu is bringing children back to Hashem. Your donation helps Shuvu go on and gives you the Zechus of Teshuva and Tefilla of thousands of children, as well as the Zechus of Tzedakah.

Donate to Shuvu Today!

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