Haifa Religious Community Unites To Protest Michaeli Opening Bus Transit Service On Shabbos


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli has not hidden her intention to allow public transport on Shabbos in as many places as possible, but this coming Shabbos she has initiated a new provocation. Michaeli intends to arrive in person on Shabbos and conduct a press conference in which she opens the new section of the Metronit, a bus rapid transit system in Haifa, which is one of the few cities where public transport runs in Israel on Shabbos.

In response, the religious community in Haifa has decided to gather together opposite the new Metronit station and conduct a public Musaf service at the time when Michaeli intends to open the new bus service- at 11 AM on Shabbos Haazinu.

A loudspeaker called on all members of the religious and traditional public in Haifa to arrive at the new station and pray their Musaf prayers there to protest the public Shabbos desecration by a government minister in her ministerial position.

Organizers of the demonstration hope that thousands of people will attend and hoped that they would be able to prevent the new buses from travelling to their destination on Shabbos.



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