WATCH: Kanye Doubles Down on Hate Comments, Shares Spreadsheet of ‘Powerful’ Jewish Media Executives


LOS ANGELES (VINnews) — Kanye West spoke with reporters Friday, doubling down on his past antisemitic rhetoric and refusing to apologize.

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Kanye held an impromptu press conference–more like a tirade–in front of paparazzi and reporters Friday, in which he refused to walk back or apologize for his antisemitic comments and incendiary rhetoric, which have been met with intense backlash and cost him billions in contracts.

Among other vicious remarks, West said: “I didn’t realize that it was antisemitic to say ‘hey you know, I have a Jewish attorney, I have a Jewish record label, I have a Jewish contractor.”

He also read off a spreadsheet a list of names of top Jewish executives of major media and entertainment corporations.

During the 10-minute tirade West also said he “had experiences (with Jewish executives) where it felt like I was being teamed up on.”

He also bizarrely read the definition of antisemitism, which includes making the false claim that Jews control the media, and then proceeded to agree that he made those exact accusations, while insisting his comments are not antisemitic.

He made other Jew-hating remarks, claiming that in 2016 a “Jewish doctor” misdiagnosed him with Bi-Polar disorder and, he continued “would have had me on medication right now. If I was on medication right now, then one pill could have been swapped out and it would have been Prince or Michael Jackson all over again. But because I didn’t take the medication, I am able to speak to you guys clear of thought and transparently.”

Asked if he would apologize nearly three weeks after he threatened to go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE”, Kanye refused.

Regurgitating comments from social media, Kanye said “me being burned to the flesh every single day, it’s actually proving what I have to say,” about people of Jewish heritage “teaming up” on him.

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