WATCH: Moment of Istanbul Explosion, Footage Of Woman Who Allegedly Placed Bomb


NEW YORK (VINnews) — In footage released from Istanbul, images of the huge explosion which occurred on Istiklal avenue, the main shopping street in the city, have been released on social media. Six people died in the explosion and 81 were injured, including a young girl and her father. No group has taken responsibility for the explosion, but the Turkish government blamed Kurdish militants on Monday and said police had detained 22 suspects, including the person who had planted the bomb.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said the order for the attack on Istiklal Avenue was given in Kobani, a city in northern Syria, where Turkish forces have carried out operations against the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia in recent years.

Television news reports showed images of a person, who appeared to be a woman, leaving a package below a raised flower bed on the historic avenue, a popular spot for shoppers and tourists with a tramline running its length.


In 2015-2017 Turkey suffered a number of similar terror bombings from Kurdish extremists (PKK) and IS sympathizers. However Iran-backed militias has also recently threatened Turkey.


Alleged bomber was woman who placed bomb below flower bed

No Israelis are known to have been injured in the explosion, although thousands continue to visit the country despite strong travel warnings from the Israeli government. The two women in the picture next to the alleged terrorist are Israelis Or Etdagi and Natil Suissa from Ashdod but both were not at the scene of the blast and were not injured.

שתי ישראליות מאשדוד ליד המחבלת מאיסטנבול, טורקיה (צילום: חדשות אשדודי)

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