WATCH: Extremists Smash Window Of Geula Cellphone Store, Smash Nedarim Plus Donation Apps


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In yet another act of vandalism at a cellphone store in a chareidi neighborhoods, a cyclist smashed the window of the Muchshar-Net store in Geula, scene of numerous demonstrations and violent actions.  The cyclist was caught in surveillance cameras as he smashed the window and threw putrid substances into the store.

A few weeks ago a cellphone store was gutted by fire, with the fire nearly causing casualties in nearby homes. In Bnei Brak extremists stopped traffic and fought with police at a demonstration against a store and in another incident a cellphone store owner was assaulted by a chareidi passerby.

Cyclist smashes window of cellphone store

Journalist Yishai Cohen wrote that police needed to relate to such acts as “terror” since if not they would lose control over chareidi neighborhoods.

In other extremist action against technological devices, the Nedarim plus donation devices which are installed in hundreds of shuls in Israel have recently been targeted and broken by extremists. In a fiery speech at a rally against technology a few weeks ago, Rabbi Zvi Meir Zilberberg spoke out against the devices, claiming that they can easily be hacked and used for internet. In the wake of his speech some extremist elements went round a number of shuls and smashed the devices.

Extremists smash a donation device in a Beit Shemesh shul

Tens of such devices have been targeted including (partial list): Beit Shemesh: Vizhnitz-Monsey, Rachamstrivka, Kretchinoff, Breslav, Slonim, Dushinsky and Boyan. Jerusalem: Dushinsky, Ohr Hatzafon, Biale.


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