Women Dressed As Chareidim Land At Ben Gurion On Friday Night, Raising Suspicions


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Workers at Ben-Gurion airport rubbed their eyes in amazement as two apparently chareidi women disembarked from a flight from Georgia on Friday evening, well after Shabbat entered. The workers’ suspicions were alerted by the two women, dressed modestly and wearing headscarves but arriving on Shabbat

After border control officers checked their passports more closely, they realized that the two women were not chareidi but rather Georgian imposters dressed up as chareidim in order to enter Israel and obtain a work permit. The women, aged 59 and 41, were refused entry to Israel.

In the last few months, many Georgian citizens have been arriving with tourist visas intending to assimilate into the Israeli public and work illegally under the radar in Israel. A number of them have dressed up as airport workers including wearing fake worker’s badges and similar uniforms. Passport control has identified these imposters but was surprised to see the current women dressed as chareidim yet arriving on Friday night.

20 other passengers were also apprehended for attempting to enter Israel for illegal purposes and were returned to their country of origin.

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