Badatz Allows Kashrus Supervisors To Maintain ‘Hidden’ Filtered Smartphones ‘For Their Work’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In the wake of the destruction of Nedarim Plus donation apps and the continued demonstrations and attacks on cellphone stores, the members of the Badatz of the Eda Chareidis issued a ruling in which they permit their kashrus supervisors to maintain a “hidden” filtered smartphone.

Extremist elements had waged a campaign against the supervisors from the Vaad Kashrus who use filtered smartphones and the Beis Din decided to discuss the matter and permit their use as long as they do not use them publicly.

The Badatz said that “even those who must hold such a device -totally filtered, should not take it out publicly and it should only be used for supervision purposes (as required unfortunately in various places which cannot be properly supervised without it) and in accordance with what the Badatz wrote in a special letter to those who have authorization to use such devices in 5780.

The ruling added that “those who do not need such devices should not have them at all and this must be strictly enforced. The members of the Vaad Kashrus must zealously maintain these rules, protect against the harmful aspects of technology and maintain the purity of our camp.”


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