Jenin Terrorists Take Israeli Druze 18-Year-Old Off Life Support, Kidnap Body From Local Hospital


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The body of an Israeli man who had been in a car crash near Jenin was allegedly snatched by terrorists after he apparently died of his injuries or was murdered at the local hospital.

The Israeli, 18-year-old Tiran Fero of the Druze village of Daliyat El-Carmel near Haifa, had travelled to Jenin with a friend to fix his car but was involved in a serious car accident. The IDF reported that Fero was taken to a hospital in Jenin due to his critical condition, while his friend was transferred to a nearby checkpoint before being rushed by the army to a hospital within Israel.

Tiran’s father Husam claimed later that he had been taken off life support and murdered by the terrorists. “They took him of the life support and kidnapped him alive in front of me,” Husam said on Israeli radio. “They thought he was a soldier.”

“A gang of people from Islamic Jihad came in, masked men with guns. I never saw something like this it was horrific, inhuman, they kidnapped the body in front of me, I couldn’t do anything. They kidnapped him when he was still alive.”

Images of Fero’s Israeli ID card circulated on social media, seemingly after being taken from the hospital.

Fero was not a soldier, but a 12th grader at a school in the Druze town.

On Wednesday morning, the military’s liaison to the Palestinians announced that the Jalamah and Salem crossings in the northern West Bank would be shuttered until further notice following the incident.

The checkpoints are predominantly used by Arab Israelis who travel to the Palestinian city of Jenin and the surrounding area for business or leisure, and by Palestinians who need to travel to Israel for work.

There was no immediate public claim of responsibility by any terror groups for snatching the body, but it is apparently being held in the Jenin refugee camp.

An unnamed security official told Haaretz that the suspects were demanding the release of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel or the bodies of the bodies of deceased Palestinian terrorists being held by Israel in exchange for Fero.

Israeli and Palestinian Authority officials are involved in the efforts to return Fero’s body to his family along with Fero’s family, the mayor of Daliyat al-Karmel, the Druze community’s spiritual leader and the mayor of Jenin. A senior PA official said that he believed that “within hours” the body would be released.

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