Multiple Victims, One Child Critical In Horrific Monsey Accident (VIDEO)


MONSEY (VINnews) — Nearly two dozen victims have been reported in a large accident that occurred Thursday morning in the Monsey area.

According to reports, a bus from a local Ribnitzer school was driving on Southgate Drive in Spring Valley, when it slammed into a nearby house. A second car was pinned under the bus.

While details surrounding the accident are still unclear, some reports suggest the bus had originally struck two parked cars, at least oneof which got dragged along and ultimately pinned under the bus.

At least 21 victims have thus far been extricated from the wreck, with at least two reported to be in serious condition.

One child is reported to be in critical condition, and is undergoing emergency brain surgery. Please say Tehilim for Yehoshua Herschel ben Sasha.

Further details will be published as they become available.

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