Terrorist Eliminated In Friday Attempt To Snatch Weapons From Soldiers In Samaria


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In a terrorist attack which occurred in Samaria just prior to Shabbos, a Palestinian terrorist attempted to snatch a weapon from an IDF officer and then stabbed another soldier and tried to grab another weapon before being neutralized by IDF soldiers.

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The terrorist, who was armed with a knife, started his attack by attempting to break in to a car. When he failed he tried to break a window with a stone but was shot at by the driver.

Despite being injured by the gunfire the terrorist succeeded in locating a team of border police and stabbing one of them. The company commander struggled with the terrorist who tried to snatch his weapon and then neutralized him. The lightly injured soldiers were evacuated for medical treatment.

Border Police commander Amir Cohen praised the awareness of the soldiers who “prevented significant harm from innocent people,” since the terrorist was neutralized before he could harm civilians.

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