250 Days Since Moishy Kleinerman’s Disappearance, Mother Requests New Line Of Investigation


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — 250 days have passed since the mysterious disappearance of Moishy Kleinerman near the tomb of Rashbi in Meron. Police have removed the gag order on details of the investigation, and Moishy’s mother Gitty is suggesting a new approach to the matter.

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A statement from the Kleinerman said revealed that “we are now citing 250 days since our dear Moishy’s disappearance. Despite the searches and tracking of Israeli police as well as the IDF’s special unit for locating disappeared persons and other professional units – there is no clue which could reflect a reason for our Moishy’s disappearance.”

Kleinerman’s mother believes that the investigation should focus on a “man who apparently abused chareidi children and youths but the public are not willing to submit complaints to police or speak about it. I call on the rabbis and parents of children and youths who have been abused to make their voice heard and complain to police. I am willing to accompany them to police. Please help us bring Moishy home.”

The Kleinermans added that they “continue to be moved by all the strengthening, Tefillos and love pouring out to us from the Jewish people worldwide. There is no nation like our wonderful nation. Moishy has become everyone’s child and its time we reached a solution to the mystery.”

Kikar Hashabat revealed that during the investigation, police had checked if Kleinerman was to be found with the Lev Tahor cult. Police also investigated whether there was a nationalistic motive behind the disappearance and tried to verify whether Kleinerman had been taken abroad.

Police continue to focus efforts on intelligence information as well as searching the region of the dense forests around Meron. Police Dog Unit spokesman Aharon Streicher said a month ago that “there is a lot we need to still cover in the forests surrounding Meron. We hope that we can get to him and we are praying that this will happen.”

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