HORROR: Hospital Denies Visitation to Family of Suffering Jewish Patient, Calls Cops to Remove Them


MANHATTAN (VINnews) — A post on social media describes a heartbreaking situation, in which the family of an Orthodox Jewish patient at Mt. Sinai hospital is being denied visitation access. In addition, the police were called to drag away the patient’s daughters, as they begged hospital employees for help.

According to Meyer Tauber, a friend of the family, the patient is cognitively impaired and on a respirator. They are confused, frightened, and alone, yet the hospital is refusing to allow any relatives in to comfort them and monitor their care.

It appears the hospital is saying that Covid restrictions are the basis for the denial of access to visitors.

Mr. Tauber posted, “Just hung up the phone with a distraught and horrified family member who has a cognitively impaired parent at Mount Sinai Health System, I’m in tears. The family of the cognitively impaired patient at Mount Sinai Health System have been pleading with the hospital leadership…for over a week to allow them to simply be at their parents bedside….Their pleas, though, have fallen on deaf ears, and despite the clear guidelines issued by the New York State Department of Health, they were denied bedside access.”

He went on to say that the family became so desperate, they arranged a transfer to the Cleveland Clinic, yet the hospital “sabotaged” the effort.

The post said, “Feeling like there was no choice, the family got approval from Cleveland Clinic to initiate a transfer, but their transfer request was sabotaged by Dr Adel Bassily-Marcus at Mount Sinai Health System.”

It continued, “On Saturday, after 24 hours had passed that the hospital had neglected to perform the patient’s desperately-needed dialysis session, the two young daughters respectfully implored hospital personnel to help them meet their patients needs. To their shock and dismay, the nurses summoned the police who dragged out the two daughters from the hospital building in a very rough manner.”

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