Jerusalem Beis Din Dayanim Rush To Psychiatric Hospital To Obtain Get From Husband In Moment Of Sanity

FILE - The building of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel is located in Jerusalem. July 17, 2013. Flash90

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The dayanim from the Jerusalem Regional Beis Din made a special visit to the Eitanim psychiatric hospital to release an aguna. The dayanim, together with a Sofer, witnesses and an emissary, succeeded in obtaining a get.

The couple had married four years ago and two years after the marriage, the husband developed a severe psychotic condition which forced him to be committed to the psychiatric hospital, situated southwest of Jerusalem. At the request of the young bride who herself had grown up in a foster family, the Beis Din decided to arrange for a get.

Numerous attempts by the Beis Din to organize the get failed due to the psychotic state of the husband which did not halachically permit him to give a get, despite the cooperation of all sides including the families and the hospital.

The Beis Din members maintained a constant tracking of the man’s condition and were in daily contact with hospital staff to try and find a time when the man was partially sane and could give a get. Last Erev Pesach the man appeared to be regaining some of his sanity and Rabbi Ralbag, the head of the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court rushed to the hospital but to his disappointment found that the man was not in a valid state to give a get.

This week the hospital revealed that the man had undergone a sudden improvement in his condition. Rabbi Ralbag, who is abroad at a family event, instructed the court to do everything possible to obtain the get.

Rabbi Yitzchak Oshinski, the Av Beis Din as well as secretary Moshe Bitton and other officials managed immediately to get to the closed psychiatric section of the hospital. Finding the husband in a sane state, they got him to appoint an emissary, the Sofer wrote the get and the woman received it on the same day. Rabbi Ralbag praised the swift reaction of all the officials to enable the get to be granted.

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