TRULY UPLIFTING: Baalas Teshuva Gives Powerful Bracha to Mir Rosh Yeshiva and Son (VIDEO)


CLEVELAND (VINnews) — A truly amazing story took place this past Shabbos in Cleveland, during a special community weekend of Chizuk spent with the Mir Yeshiva of Eretz Yisrael.

A local community member related the following story on a video which was posted to Twitter: On Shabbos, a certain Russian Baalas Teshuva whose son is currently studying in the Mir in Eretz Yisrael approached one of the Mirrer Roshei Yeshiva who was there for Shabbos, and expressed her gratitude about the fact that her son is the first person in her family to wear Tefillin in 150 years.

(See video of Rosh Yeshiva’s son below:) 

The Rosh Yeshiva replied, “Please give me a bracha, because my own son does not wear Tefillin, please give a bracha that he resumes wearing Tefillin.”

This story alone is truly inspiring, especially observing the humility and sincerity of the Rosh Yeshiva. However the story does not end there.

The son of the Rosh Yeshiva was informed about the story of the Russian mother, and was apparently so moved and inspired, he put on Tefillin and said Shema, and recorded it.

In a video, he said “For the woman in Cleveland, the story moved me, I’m the son of the Rosh Yeshiva and this is for you.”

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