WATCH: Moving Prayers At Yosef’s Tomb With Benaya Peretz, Badly Injured In 2021 Shomron Terror Shooting


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In a moving and heartfelt prayer assembly which took place at the tomb of Yosef in Shechem Tuesday night, hundreds of people accompanied Benaya Peretz, who was very badly injured in a May 2021 terrorist attack, to the site.

Benaya was very severely injured and doctors were pessimistic that he would survive or even be able to move any of his limbs but, against all odds, he is now capable of moving his upper body and even hopes one day to be on his feet again.

Samaria regional head Yossi Dagan, the head of Benaya’s yeshiva at Itamar Rabbi Yehoshua Van Dyk, Shomron brigade commander Shimon Sissou, division commander Avi Blut and incoming Knesset member Zvi Sukkot were among the visitors who joined Benaya.

Benaya was a student at the Itamar yeshiva gevoha when he waited together with his friend Yehuda Gueta HyD at the Tapuach junction for a bus to the yeshiva. A terrorist opened fire at them, killing Yehuda and badly injuring Benaya.

Shomron regional head Yossi Dagan said that “to see Benaya leaving his home [in Beit Shean] and coming back to the Shomron is extremely moving for us and for all the citizens of Israel. We pray that he will return to walk and demand to restore the Beit Midrash named in memory of his friend Yehuda to Evyatar [a community set up near the site of the attack, which was later dismantled after then Defense Minister Gantz promised to place a military presence at the strategic spot and bring back the Beit Midrash after government approval].

Peretz himself said that “Yosef Hatzadik himself, when he was in prison in Egypt, did not stop believing. I came here to gain strength from Yosef Hatzadik, to believe and not give up and Be’ezrat Hashem to get back on my feet.”

Benaya’s rosh yeshiva Rabbi Van Dyk said that “with G-d’s help you will get back on your feet, all the sick will be cured, just as at Mount Sinai this will occur when the Geula arrives in our time”


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