Friend of Ben Chafetz z”l Posts Memories and Praise of His ‘Insane Generosity’ (VIDEO)

(L-R) Boruch Taub and Binyamin Chafetz

CLEVELAND (VINnews) — A friend of Ben Chafetz z”l, the airplane passenger who tragically perished in a crash on Thursday R”L, has posted messages to Twitter, describing Ben’s immeasurable, almost incomprehensible, generosity and selflessness.

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On Friday, Ben’s friend Chaikel Kaufman tweeted: “My last interaction with Ben was an argument. We were running an adopt a kollel event. Ben wanted to give significantly more than what we were asking. I explained to him the Rov set a cap, and I wouldn’t go over the cap. He begged me to let him go over.”

On Motzei Shabbos, Chaikel tweeted a video of himself taken on Erev Shabbos while he was driving back from the Kevurah.

He spoke emotionally, saying, “Anyone who knew Ben knows that he was a super generous person. Something occurred to me just now, Ben never met a tzedakah that he dd not like. He gave not just generously, he gave to everyone, every organization, every cause, every person. There is not an organization in the town that he was not involved in.”

He added, “It’s an incredible thing, how does someone not have an issue with any organization? How is that possible? People [may] have valid reasons for not giving to certain organizations, how did he never have an issue? it doesn’t make sense.”

On Friday, VINnews published multiple accounts of friends of the two men who passed away, who are remembered by friends and neighbors as role models of the local Jewish community who lived to help others.

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10 months ago

Last time I saw Ben was at his wedding. BDE