Jerusalem Court Rules Har Homa Swimming Pool Can Open On Shabbat Without Ticket Sales Or Music

Har Chomah country club and pool

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The Jerusalem District Court acceded to a petition by Deputy Mayor Yossi Havilio and some thousand residents of the Har Homa neighborhood in southern Jerusalem and ruled that the local swimming pool should be open on Shabbat, subject to a number of conditions.

On Shabbat there will be no ticket sales with only subscription members allowed in. No music will be played in the pool and no swimming classes can take place on Shabbat.

The ruling, by judge Miri Ilani, states that the pool will be open in this framework for two years after which the issue will be addressed again.

Previously the local community center had refused to open the pool on Shabbat in the neighborhood, which has a religious majority but also a sizable secular community.

Havilio, a veteran champion of secular rights in Jerusalem, said that “the liberal community in Jerusalem will not lower its head and be the punching bag of the nationalist chareidi and chareidi groups.

“Those who wished to instigate Shabbat battles in Jerusalem found themselves on the losing side. We can learn from this not to give up and that wherever extremists are trying to take over, we need to gather together, fight and save Jerusalem.”

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