Two Nof Hagalil Chareidi Girls Invent Remote-Controlled Baby Carriage For Calming Infants While Relaxing


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Two 13-year-old chareidi girls from the Chabad school in Nof Hagalil [formerly Upper Nazareth] produced a surprisingly simple and ingenious invention during a “patent fair” being held by the school for inventive ideas.

The two, Naomi Daniel and Oshrat Peretz, both have infant relatives- Naomi a brother and Oshrat a nephew. Noticing how the parents have to walk back and forth with their crying babies to sooth them, they thought of a method by which the parents could relax while calming their baby.

“We thought of a carriage which would go back and forth automatically using an electric motor which could be controlled remotely, so that a mother can sit and relax on her couch and use the remote to rock and move the carriage,” Oshrat explained.

The two young innovators used a remote-controlled toy car to build their model. They took apart the motor from the car and affixed it to their model carriage, successfully using it to move the carriage up and down.

The invention was dubbed “Roga-lach” – a play on the Hebrew words “calm for you” and the popular pastries by this name.

The girls’ principal, Sterna Nebersadak and the rest of the school staff were impressed by the innovation. Nebersadak said that “The students demonstrated individual thinking, enterprise, initiative and a working solution to the problem.”

ייתכן שזו תמונה של ‏‏בתוך מבנה‏ ו‏טקסט שאומר '‏1 ושמיכה בחושך מאירה שמע קריאת באמצע נופלת שלא לסדין מחוברת הלילה‏'‏‏

Luminous Kriyas Shma and a blanket which doesn’t fall off in the night- Nof Hagalil patent fair

Other innovations exhibited by the students included a bottle with two mouth straws, enabling two people to drink from it at the same time, as well as an automatic air conditioning system which goes on if a child is forgotten in a car.

Nof Hagalil mayor Ronen Plaut said that “the initiative of a patent fair in the Chabad school produces innovate and creative ideas every year for the public’s benefit. It is a source of pride for the school and for the entire city of Nof Hagalil.”

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