When All Hope Seems Lost, Chaim Medical is Unstoppable in Saving Lives.


When All Hope Seems Lost, Chaim Medical is Unstoppable in Saving Lives. 

Illness in itself is vicious. The panic and fear it brings on, can be stifling. Chaim Medical Resource is a beacon of light to countless Cholei Yisroel. With unparalleled passion and uncompromised persistence, they guide, assist, support, and offer more than just mere hope. 

They provide lifesaving results on a daily basis. 

Whatever is needed to save a life, Chaim Medical acts with swift expertise, whether that involves pursuing groundbreaking research, providing specific referrals, fierce patient advocacy, interfacility transfers, or a multitude of other life-saving services. Every patient and leading specialist knows that they can count on Chaim Medical Resource to help them get the treatment they so desperately need. 

With over 25,000 cases opened in 2022 alone, 75 staff members spread across 19 divisions, each specializing in various areas of medical expertise, Chaim Medical Resource never stops! 

In order to continue their mission, Chaim Medical Resource needs your support. 

Donate now to this vital organization, visit Charidy.com/Chaim or call 718-540-5739

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