WATCH: Rav Aaron Lankry on the False Accusation of an Innocent Man – ‘He’s a Tzaddik’


NEW YORK (VINnews Podcast) — In this exclusive VIN Podcast interview, Rav Aaron Lankry goes through the timeline of events on Thursday, when an alarmed mother called the police to report what she believed was an attempted abduction. This was followed by hours of mayhem, during which the police arrested and charged an innocent man with kidnapping, before video footage was released which fully exonerates the accused man.

Rabbi Lanky explains how he obtained the video footage which proved the man is innocent. He explains how he worked with the NYPD and lawyers to assist the man and get him released from custody as quickly as possible.

And he explains why our society has become extremely sensitive to potential abuse, and how people should avoid being falsely accused.


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