Domestic Violence Charges Against Amare Stoudemire Dismissed By Miami State Attorney


NEW YORK (VINnews) — The domestic violence charges against Amare Stoudemire have been dropped. Stoudemire was arrested recently for allegedly punching and slapping one of his teenage daughters in December. However the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office said that “the case was dropped due to the failure of the victim to cooperate in the prosecution of the criminal case.”

Amar’e’s attorney, Alexander Fox added that “After a full investigation, the case was dropped at failing to prove the false accusations. The court’s vindication of Mr. Stoudemire underscores who he is and always has been – a person of faith and integrity dedicated to his family and community.”

Stoudemire, now known after his conversion to Judaism as Yehoshafat Ben Avraham, has four children from his marriage to ex-wife Alexis Welch. At the time of his arrest, Stoudemire categorically denied any misdemeanors, stating that he would never lay a finger on another person.

In a post he published on Wednesday, Stoudemire wrote that “A little over a month ago, my family’s world was turned upside down as I faced allegations that we all knew to be untrue – which I instantly and publicly denied.

“Today, I’m grateful that after a full investigation, all charges were dismissed. Fortunately, my family and most importantly, my incredible children are all doing well. My faith in the goodness we all possess has never wavered and has never been greater. My love for my family is without limits.

“I am appreciative of all the respect and support received from family, friends and colleagues. Now that this chapter is closed, I look forward to all the great moments ahead with my family.”


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