WATCH: Multiple Antisemitic Images Discovered on Shutterstock


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Allison Josephs, founder of “Jew in the City”, discovered numerous antisemitic stock photos and images on Shutterstock. She posted a video showing those images on social media, however Instagram banned it at the company’s request, claiming copyright infringement.

According to Josephs, Shutterstock has pledged to remove the images but has not apologized.

On TikTok, Josephs posted the video and wrote: “We typed the word “Jews” into @shutterstock and found some really #antisemitic images. They allegedly have a screening policy. It does not seem to be working for their Jewish content. @shutterstock #cleanupyouract #apologize and let us know how you’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again. #jewishrepresentationmatters #endjewhatred”

She posted the same video to Twitter and wrote: “We saw @Shutterstock was full of antisemitic pics & we made vid noting this. They had instagram pull it for copyright violation. We won’t be silenced when commentary is fair use. Shutterstock said they’d remove images but we’re waiting for an apology & a better screening policy.”

Allison Josephs, founder of “Jew in the City”, has been involved in Jewish Outreach for over twenty years and is the Partner in Torah mentor to actress and Jeopardy! co-host Mayim Bialik.

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