Arab Schoolchildren Hold Sickening Ceremonies Honoring Neve Yaakov Terrorist (PHOTOS)


PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY (VINnews) — Following the unspeakable massacre of 7 Jews by a terrorist in Neve Yaakov, elementary schools throughout the Palestinian Authority have held ceremonies to honor the terrorist who carried out the attack.

Sadly, this type of indoctrination of students to glorify the murder of innocent Jews R”L and brainwash them to aspire to become terrorists is a scene that we have come to expect.

Many of the children in the photos below are holding up pictures of the monstrous terrorist murderer along with his name, and are openly praising his depraved subhuman actions. These photos are from multiple different schools throughout the PA.

In addition to the Palestinians, the mainstream media also glorifies terrorists who attack Jews. As tweeted by activist Avi Mayer, following another attack last week in which a Palestinian terrorist gunman critically wounded an Israeli father and son in Jerusalem, Reuters has dedicated an entire article not to the victims—who aren’t even identified—but to the attacker, noting his “passion for football” and his “dream of being a chef.”

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