NYPD Officer Dies After Brooklyn Shooting

Last Updated: 10:35pm

BROOKLYN (AP) — An off-duty New York City police officer who was shot in the head during a botched robbery died Tuesday, the police commissioner said as officials also announced a murder charge against a suspect.

Officer Adeed Fayaz, 26, was shot Saturday in Brooklyn, where he and his brother-in-law went to buy a car posted on Facebook Marketplace from a man later identified as the alleged shooter, authorities said.

“Police Officer Adeed Fayaz was a father, a husband, a son, and a protector of our great city,” NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said in a social media post Tuesday evening. “Our Department deeply mourns his passing, and his family and loved ones are in our prayers.”

Fayaz’s family and dozens of police officers gathered outside a Brooklyn hospital Tuesday evening as his body was loaded into an ambulance and driven away in a procession.

Police officials said earlier Tuesday that Randy Jones, 38, was arrested at a suburban motel Monday in connection with the shooting. Tuesday night, authorities announced Jones was charged with murder and attempted robbery. It was unclear if Jones has a lawyer who could respond to the allegations.

Fayaz, married with two young children, agreed to meet Jones on Saturday to buy a car for $24,000, Chief of Detectives James Essig said at a news conference. When Fayaz and his brother-in-law arrived, Jones asked “jokingly” if the men were armed, Essig said. Jones then put Fayaz in a headlock and demanded the money, the chief said.

Fayaz said he didn’t have the money, Essig said, and Jones pointed a gun at Fayaz’s brother-in-law. Fayaz broke free from the headlock and Jones shot him in the head, Essig said.

Jones ran, firing more shots at he fled, Essig said. The brother-in-law grabbed Fayaz’s gun from his hip and fired several shots as well, he said. The brother-in-law was not injured.

Jones drove off in a 2011 BMW that was registered to his mother, Essig said.

Jones was arrested Monday at a Days Inn in Nanuet, about 35 miles (55 kilometers) north of New York City. A woman and five children ages 6 months to 11 years were with him at the motel, Essig said. Police detained Jones using Fayaz’s handcuffs, Essig said.

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7 months ago

Bring back Rudy Guliani. This is the result of AG Bragg & Mayor Adams and AG James woke liberal agenda.

Dangerous job
Dangerous job
7 months ago

Boruch dayan ha’emes

7 months ago

Crazy NY crazy USA. Those people who are here to protect us are being treated as the worse.

These are the fruits of the anarchies defund the police movement.

Question to Moster and the Der Sturmer aka the NY Times: was this police officer killed by an uneducated yeshiva boy?

7 months ago

Is it true he’s from the same province where bin laden was killed?