The quietest holiday in Judaism is also the most frequent. The Sabbath is observed every week from Friday evening to Saturday evening. During this time, the believer should not engage in any work or play top casinos online. The holiday commemorates the creation of the world by God in six days. The seventh day, the last day of the week in the Jewish calendar, is the holy day of rest.

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But even during the day, believers are busy preparing for the Sabbath. The home is cleaned, shopping is done and food is pre-cooked. Then people clean themselves thoroughly and put on festive clothes. Now the Sabbath ceremony takes place in the synagogue, where the Sabbath is welcomed. The ceremony ends with the sanctification of the holiday, called Kiddush, over a cup of wine.


Domestic rituals on the Sabbath

At home, the mother welcomes her family with Sabbath lights that she lit before the holiday began. She has also provided two cups of wine and a plate of bread covered with a cloth. The parents now lay hands on the children and bless them. There are at least three meals eaten together during the Sabbath. Before the festive meal begins, a ritual washing is provided. The Kiddush is said each time, blessing the food. The Sabbath ends Saturday evening with the hawdalla ceremony, at which a candle is lit to symbolize the new week.


The weekly day of rest in Israel is not Sunday, but Saturday. Strictly speaking, the Sabbath (Shabbath) begins at sunset on Friday evening and lasts until sunset on Saturday evening. During this time, public and economic life is severely restricted. Many businesses – at least the Jewish ones – are closed. The use of public transportation is also restricted. In some places, bus service is suspended. Many sights and museums, as well as theaters, libraries, cinemas, etc., are also closed. Likewise, the catering industry is adjusting to the Sabbath. Many restaurants are closed; some – especially in hotels and tourist restaurants – are open but serve only cold food. The observance of the Sabbath commandments is taken with varying degrees of seriousness.

Shopping should be done by Friday at the latest. If you still want to buy e.g. groceries, you can go to the Islamic quarters. As for the sights, many are closed on Saturday (often also on Friday). Others are open throughout the week. Christian churches can usually be visited during the Sabbath. Their day of rest (or day of holy mass/service) is, of course, on Sunday. Archaeological sites are often open throughout the week.

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