Betar Illit: Explosive Device Malfunctioned At Exact Spot Where Chabad Erected Megilla Reading Tent For Purim

Reading the megillah at the tent in Betar Illit, 3.7.23

JERUSALEM (VINnews) —Police concluded Friday their initial investigation of the attempted terrorist attack on a bus entering the city of Betar Illit Thursday evening.

The investigation revealed that the terrorist placed the explosive device on the bus in order to explode it and cause numerous casualties on the bus. The terrorist descended from the bus in order to remotely activate the device. However the device miraculously failed to explode. Passengers saw smoke emerging from the bag and summoned security forces.

Bomb disposal experts neutralized the device and police conducted searches for the terrorist, who had been caught in security cameras as he left the bus. Eventually police determined that the terrorist had fled the town.

Chabad chasidim were amazed to discover that the place where the explosive device malfunctioned was the exact spot -on Yochanan Ben Zakai street – where the local Chabad emissaries had for the first time erected a tent to read megilla at all times of the day on Purim. The emissaries said that the megilla was read during the night until 3:15 AM and during the day until sunset for over 1500 people and that this merit served as a protection for the city’s residents when the explosive device failed to explode at that spot.


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Moshiach is in the air!
Moshiach is in the air!
2 months ago

Or waiting at the bus stop maybe

Esther in LA
Esther in LA
2 months ago