BDE: 1 Killed, 18 Injured As Minibus Returning From Shabbos In Pshevorsk Flips Over Near Antwerp


NEW YORK (VINnews) — BDE: In a horrific road accident which took place near Antwerp at 3:30 AM Sunday, a Jewish driver from Britain was killed and eighteen other people were injured, including one child in serious condition. The passengers were on the way back from a Shabbos spent with the Admor of Pshevorsk in Antwerp.

The minibus in which they were travelling allegedly hit a passing car, continued its momentum and then flipped over, killing the driver. Hatzalah members from the Antwerp Jewish community arrived swiftly to help the injured passengers and transfer those who required treatment to local hospitals.

Members of the Chaverim organization of Antwerp were assisting the many injured people, providing them with Tefillin, places to sleep, food and logistical assistance.


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