Shin Bet Uncovers Terror Cell Primed To Perpetrate Attacks In Jerusalem And Greater Israel

Palestinian flags at Dome of the Rock

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — As the Ramadan approaches, the Shin Bet announced Tuesday that it had succeeded in arresting a Palestinian terror cell which had been planning a number of shooting attacks in greater Israel, including in Jerusalem.

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The Israeli security agency said that the terrorist cell had been operating in Judea and Samaria under direction of Gazan elements and was recruiting terrorists for a number of attacks in Israel. The cell was uncovered during joint operations by the IDF, Israel Police, and Shin Bet over the past few weeks.

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The effort to recruit gunmen for the terror plot was led by 40-year-old Tzabri Mahmoud Eram and 31-year-old Ayman Youssef Khalil Zakkut, both residents of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

The two terrorists are members of the Resistance Committees, a pro-Iranian splinter group of the Fatah organization believed to be funded by both Hamas and Hezbollah.

In preparation for the planned attacks, Zakkut and Eram recruited and trained terrorists in Judea and Samaria, and worked to smuggle weapons on their behalf.

Israeli authorities broke up the cell shortly before the first of the planned attacks, arresting two terrorists from Judea and Samaria linked to the group. The Israelis said that the group had been under surveillance at all stages of the planned attacks and had been arrested just prior to perpetrating the attacks.

The terrorists had been involved in smuggling weapons, including the smuggling of a pistol which was designated for use in a terror attack in Jerusalem in just a few days.

In addition, two terrorist brothers from Judea and Samaria were arrested last month, on suspicion they were recruited to carry out a bombing attack inside pre-1967 Israel.

During their interrogation, the two revealed that they had also helped to smuggle firearms for the cell for use in the planned shooting attacks.

The interrogation of the suspects is still in progress but the Shin Bet stressed that they see Hamas as responsible for any terror activities emanating from the Gaza strip. The security agency said that “we will continue to act forcefully to thwart any attempt by terror elements to promote military activity against the State of Israel and will respond with determination against all those involved in terrorist activities.”

Security officials said Monday that 145 serious terror attacks have been thwarted since the beginning of 2023, 25 of which were earmarked for Jerusalem. The officials said that Hamas is investing huge sums in social media incitement and in providing illegal weapons to terror elements within Israel in an attempt to encourage terrorist attacks. The officials admitted that Hamas has succeeded in connecting the Gaza region with Judea, Samaria and greater Israel, repeating its success in combining the regions during the Guardian of the Walls campaign in 2021.



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1 year ago

What’s the anti-Zionist State Charedi stance on arab terror? Can anyone give a coherent answer to this?